Barangay V - Malubog (Poblacion)

Brief History of Barangay V - Malubog (Poblacion)

Former President Ferdinand E. Marcos promulgated or enacted Presidential Decree No. 557 (September 21, 1974) declaring that all barrios in the Philippines that may be created were to be declared as "Barangay".  It was this time that the Poblacion was subdivided. It was also stated that those municipalities having a big income were classified as chartered cities; 1st Class, 2nd Class and 3rd Class. Under the RA 35901 as amended "REVISED BARRIO CHARTER".

On that period Tangub was still municipality under the administration of former Mayor Alfonso D. Tan. With some improvements Tangub became chartered cities. So, the late Mayor Alfonso D. Tan sub-divided the Poblacion into seven (7) barangays; that was the time Barangay V was created.

The persons who migrated in this Barangay in the year 1905 were Ponciano Umagbon, Rufina Simborio, Guillerma Enanay from Bohol, Fausto Solis, Florencia Salinas, Felix Alvarez, Petrona Soli, Sgt. Nicolas Bazar, Aurea Melendres, Domingo Revilla, Cecilia Salgado, Martin Corpus, Albing Castro from Cebu, Esteban Fuentes from Camiguin, and Laurencia Arcuno from Sinacaban.

Barangay V residents are people of diverse ethnic origins comprising of Cebuanos, Boholanos, and there were those coming from Camiguin. They are hardworking, friendly, peace loving and law abiding. They work toward a common goal, for the socio-economic advancement and amelioration of their lives as a whole.

In the 1970's, there were only few houses Barangay V. There were no commercial buildings. The roads were not yet cemented.  There were no streetlights and it was very dark at night.   The bridge was made of light materials.

               In 1980's-1990's Barangay V had a bad image.  This was because of the rampant "shabu" that adversely affected the adolescence that lured them to gambling and stealing.  However, in 2000, Barangay V started to improve with the help of the City Government in coordination with the Philippines National Police and its Barangay Officials. The Barangay became peaceful. No major crimes happened. More people-built houses and lived in the Barangay. The roads were cemented; bridges repaired, street lights were put up.

 Most of the residents are professional where 95% of the population has their source of income and worked in a government and private firms. Some were self-employed.

One hundred percent of the people in the barangay used Cebuano language. Although some members like professional in particular used English and Tagalog especially in dealing with visitors who visited at home.

Barangay Officials
  Name Position
Image result for user icon SUMAMPONG, ESTRELLA QUILNET  Punong Barangay
Image result for user icon BENITEZ, GEORGE SALINAS  Barangay Kagawad
Image result for user icon SANCHEZ, ROEL CLEMENTE ADOR  Barangay Kagawad
Image result for user icon TIGOL, BRIAN ENOMAR  Barangay Kagawad
Image result for user icon CABRISOS, MICHELE LORRAINE GATAL  Barangay Kagawad
Image result for user icon TAGO, NELFA PAO  Barangay Kagawad
Image result for user icon PASAMANERO, ABEL KANE QUIÑONES  Barangay Kagawad
Image result for user icon ABRISOS, MELQUIADEZA TIGOL  Barangay Kagawad
Image result for user icon SARSABA, LEIZYL MAE A. SK Chairman
Image result for user icon ZAMORA, JENNIFER MAE S. Barangay Secretay
Image result for user icon BACOY, LILIA SAGA  Barangay Treasurer
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