Where to Go


Beck's Encantadia Flower Farm

Address: Brgy. Capalaran, Tangub City.  A 10-minute drive from the City proper(5.5 km)
Contact No.: 0907-319-4185
Opens from 8am to 5pm
Entrance fee : P30.00 per head

Dragon Fruit Farm
Kawa Bath Spa:

  • Kawa Turmeric Bath  (250.00+/person/30mins)
  • Kawa Coffee Bath (250.00+/person/30mins)
  • Kawa Sea Salt Bath (250.00+/person/30mins)
  • Kawa Activated Charcoal Bath (250.00+/person/30mins)
  • Kawa Coconut Milk Bath (250.00+/person/30mins)
  • Kawa Milk Bath (300.00+/person/30mins)

A total of 9 hectares including the dragon fruit farm. (8.3 hectares, dragon fruit farm)



Address: Brgy. Fertig Hills, Tangub City
Contact No. : 0907-870-8887
Entrace Fee: 
P 30.00 per head

Parking Fee: 

  • Car - P 50.00
  • Single Motor- P 20.00
  • Three Wheels- P 30.00
  • Truck/ Bus - P 80.00

The Belvedere is a structure that commands the scenic view of the city. It is architecturally designed (Modern Contemporary) structure that covers an approximate land area of 523.0 square meters with an elevation of 980m above sea level. It is a component of the Gardens of the World Development Project specifically located in Brgy. Fertig Hills, Tangub City.
    The 2-storey building is purposely designed for a 270-degree viewing from the hinterlands on Ozamiz City in the North down to the Panguil Bay area in the East and to the buffer zone of the protected area in the South. The maximum carrying capacity of the site is estimated to 350 people at a given time.
     It is complimented with landscape, perimeter railings, entrance gate, concrete benches and reception building. A parking space is constructed at the adjacent area to accommodate commuters visiting the Gardens of the World.

From IPP Description:

Belvedere, one of the city’s promising tourist destinations, although already popular in the area and province is expected to get the needed boost with the infrastructure project.  It is located in Fertig Hills on Mt. Malindang, this spot offers a 360-degree view of Panguil Bay and untouched forests.

Belvedere is just the first feature of the whole development called Gardens of the World.  As the term suggests, Belvedere is actually an Italian word for “Fair View”. From Wikipedia – Belvedere is an architectural structure sited to take advantage of a fine or scenic view.


Degars Manor Swimming Pool

Address: Brgy. Silanga, Tangub City
Contact No.: 09304045819/ 09507743542

Cottage 1 & 2 (Small - 15 persons and below): P 1,000.00
Cottage 3,4,5,6,7 (Big- 25 persons and below): P 1,500.00
6- Chair Table: P 500.00
Excess persons : P 50.00
Extra Chair (each): P 20.00
Corkage Fee : P 500.00
Videoke Rental: P 1,000.00


Horseshoe Lake


Punta Swimming Pool

Address: Maquilao, Tangub City
Contact No.: 0921-777-5291
Opens from 9am to 7:00 pm

Exclusive rental:
Mondays- Fridays 
P 3,000.00
Saturdays and Sundays 
P 4,000.00

Entrance Fee ( if there is no exclusive rental):

  • Adult: P 50.00 
  • Child: P 30.00

Table rental : P 100.00


Roma Localita de Montagna

Contact No.: 0948-224-4553

Entrance fee :

  • Adult- P 50.00
  • Child- P 30.00


  • Good for 5 pax - P 100.00
  • Good for 10 pax - P 500.00
  • Good for 20 pax- P 1,000.00

Zipline (600meters)
If 10 pax and below: P 200.00 per pax 
If 10 pax and up: P 100.00 per pax


Villa Roberta Gardens Resort

A resort with an olympic size swimming pool and slides.

Address: Brgy. Isidro D. Tan, Tangub City
Contact No.: 09294578053
Day Use - 08:30 am to 6:00 pm

  • Adult: P 60.00    
  • Child: P 40.00

Night Use- 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm

  • Adult: P 100.00    
  • Child: P 60.00


  • Small Cottage: P 500.00
  • Regular Cottage: P 800.00
  • Big Cottage :  P 1,000.00

Videoke Rental: P 1,000.00