CITY ORDINANCE NO. 2023-05-044

1.       The motto, "Una ang Ginoo" embodies the city's deep respect for God's sovereignty. It is a testament to the city's commitment to prioritize God in all aspects of its governance and society's life where the city strives to create a harmonious and prosperous relationship that everyone can thrive and fulfill their potential, with God's grace and blessings.

2.       God-centered City. This vision, the God-centered city advocates a strong emphasis on spirituality despite different denominations that can be manifested through the act of worship, a culture of compassion, and a gesture of kindness, and generosity. Under the leadership of the Team Asenso administration, everyone is significant in the eyes of God, and the marginalized, the least, the lost, and the last must be given immediate assistance and support. As the Bible says, "Whatsoever You Do to the Least of My Brothers You Do unto Me. (Matthew 25:31-46)

3.       The Divine Mercy conveys the message of God's infinite love and compassion towards all of humanity. May God's image make every Tangubanon merciful, loving, and forgiving.

4.       St Michael's image, projects himself as the leader of the heavenly army and the defender of God's people against evil forces which expects to intercede on behalf of the believers and provide great support in times of danger, temptation, or spiritual warfare which gains Tangubanons' respect and reverence as a powerful spiritual figure.

5.       Bible provides guidance on how to live a good and meaningful life that is essential to one's spiritual growth that truly inspires public servants to serve with greater purpose and meaning; it can also help families, loved ones and friends to be connected to a larger community as true believers of God Almighty.

6.        Mt. Malindang denotes income sources for Tangubanons which are transparent in a wide variety of ricefields, fruit-bearing bananas, and coconut trees, also known as "the tree of life", which sustains and advances the society's economic growth and development.

7.       The Star or Parol represents hope, joy, and strong faith as an expression of devotion to God Almighty whose great love reminded everyone to uphold the value of giving, sharing, and forgiving, thus, unity among families and loved ones reign in every Tangubanon's heart and mind.


8.       Crabs and shrimps manifest God's love for His people and hold significant economic importance, not only to Tangubanons but also to other neighboring places in Misamis Occidental, thereby alleviating society's financial benefits.

9.       The Panguil Bay Bridge represents a significant opportunity that will definitely usher in the effective and efficient transport of locally-produced goods and services that will undoubtedly strengthen the socio-economic growth of the Tangubanons and bring new opportunities for businesses and productions.

10.   The newly designed Logo depicts Tangubanons positivity towards uplifting one's dispositions since it is depicted with bright and vibrant orange coupled with green, red, and white colors.


A. Green represents the unwavering love for family; nature and the welfare of others which are traits that reflect the amicable qualities of public officials and leaders.


B. Red is often linked to passion, self-assurance, determination, power, and strength, all of which represent effective and decisive actions toward addressing the concerns of Tangubanons.

C. White denotes cleanliness, and purity which can be appealing qualities for public servants who heartily serve the people.

D. Orange is the color of the ASENSO team which is often associated with warmth, vibrancy, and creativity, which qualities are desirable to project positive images as responsive, dynamic, and conversant leaders who are not afraid to speak for the truth in a transparent manner and who are not hesitant to firmly stand positive and impactful change and transformation for the interest and welfare of its people.