Tangub City's Frontline Services

Accounting Office

General Accounting Division


Pre - Audit Division


City Agriculture’s Office


City Assessor’s Office

Records Division


Tax-mapping Division


City Budget Office


City Civil Registrar’s Office

Registration Division


Records Division


City Councils Office

Ordinance, Resolution and Research Division

Records and Documentation Division and Ordinance / Resolution and Research Division


City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office


City Engineer’s Office


Shop and Motor-pool Section


Office of the Building Official


City Environment and Natural Resources Office


City Health Office

COVID-19 Division

Dental Division

Laboratory Division

Maternal and Child Division

Outpatient Division

POPCOM Division

TB DOTS Division


City Information/Documentation Office/Tangub City Historical Commission


City Legal Office


City Mayor’s Office


Business Permits and Licensing Office (BPLO)


City Planning and Development Office

MACRO Development Division

Zoning Administration Division


City Social Welfare and Development Office


City Tourism Office


City Treasurer’s Office


Culture, Arts and Youth Affairs Office


General Services Office


Gov. Alfonso D. Tan College

Accounting Office


Cash Office


College Information System Office


Corporate Communication and Promotion Office


General Services Office


Human Resource Management Office


Learning Resource Center


Medical & Dental Services


Office of Student Affairs - Guidance & Admission Office


Office of Student Affairs - Prefect of Student Activities


Office of Student Affairs - Prefect of Student Discipline and Formation Office


Office of Student Affairs - Scholarship & Welfare


OJT, Placement and Alumni Office


Registrar’s Office


Research, Extension and Development Office


Human Resource and Management Office


Local Housing Office


Public Market Office


Radyo Pilipinas 1 / DXCT FM


Tangub City Anti-Drug Abuse Office