Barangay VII

Historical profile of Barangay VII

In the 1920s, Polao was still a forested area.   The early settlers of the place were the natives called the Subanens.  They practiced kaingin to clear an area for planting root crops going up to the interior portion of Mt. Malindang Range.

Stories of long ago revealed that the inhabitants burned out a big tree in which its flame lasted for several months that even heavy rains could not put out the fire. The inhabitants and the ‘’kaingineros’’ used to this burning tree start fire for their kaingin.  The   continuous burning brightened the night which caused the people to call it ‘’Polawan. ’’ Through the years, the people named their place “Polao.”

Migrants   from Visayas, Cebu, Sequijor and Bohol settled in Polao, formerly a sitio of Kauswagan.  At that time, Polao was the center of business for the whole Tangub, which was still a barrio and part of Misamis (now Ozamis City). Polao was the center of trading and buying of commodities like corn, rice, abaca and rope as by-product of abaca.  Polao used to have a theatre house and the first cockpit before World War II owned by Francisco Abellana Sr.  The first ‘’taboan’’ was located at Barangay VI, Purok 3, near the Migcanaway riverbank to date. The theatre house and corn mill were located at Purok 2, which is presently Barangay VII.   

         The first Chinese merchant was Mr. Puico Chu, also known as called Poya Chu.   His wife Theresa Chu-a was a ‘’mestiza Kastila.’’  One of the influential persons at that time was Sr. Teofilo Pereyra, a ‘Tagalog Katsila ’’ in origin.  He served as municipal secretary at Misamis (now Ozamiz City) in 1909-1912, during the incumbency of Isidoro Engracia as Presidente Municipal. He was the owner of the whole Polao, but he was not residing in Polao at that time, instead he resided at Baybay Tangub City.

In the 1930 election, Sr. Teofilo Peyrera ran for Presidente Municipal in Tangub City but lost to Timoteo Engracia. Timoteo Engracia was the first elected Municipal Presidente/Mayor of Tangub who served two (2) terms (1930-1931 and 1932-1934).   He was followed Epifanio Flores who also served two (2) terms (1935-1938 and 1939-1945). Next to him was Crispinano Lapar who served three (3) consecutive terms (1945-1947, 1948-1951, and 1952-1955). During his term between 1948-1951, the Municipal Government of Tangub ordered to stop business activities in Polao and forced the vendors and businessmen to transfer ‘’Taboan’’ to Tangub proper. The policemen ordered to strike their ‘’batotas’’ to whoever disobeyed the law and who insisted on selling during “tabo’’ day.

Some said that this was due to political rivalry since since Epifanio Flores and Sr. Tepifanio Peyrera were good friends and both were under Nationalista Party, while Crispiniano Lapar was under Liberal Party.  Because of this order, Polao lost its progressive business climate and Tangub proper became the new site of economic progress and the new center of business.

In 1968, Mayor Alfonso Tan divided Polao into (two) 2 barangays:  Barangay VI (Polao Lower) and Barangay VII (Polao upper).   The first ‘’Teniente del Barrio’’ was Felipe Baterna (1930’s).  Hon. Benito Balubog was the first Barangay Chairman of Barangay VII when Tangub was already a City in 1968.  

When Tangub was still a municipality in 1947, the Teniente del Barrio was Anatolio Rupinta.  He was followed by Cristuto Bayawa-1955, Pablo Sacur-1956, Benito Balubog-1968.  Hon. Maximino Abellana was the barangay chairman from 1980-1992.     He implemented almost P 5 M to different Infra projects.    His first councilor Mr. Marcelo Bacus took over as Barangay Chairman for two (2) years (1992-1994) when Hon. Abella took his indefinite leave.  In 1994 election, Maximino Abellana was elected again and served up to 2000. For CY-2000 election, he lost to Hon. Michael P. Tagbacuala, the new Barangay Chairman up to this writing.


Barangay Officials
  Name Position
Image result for user icon BARIL, JUNGIE HANDUGAN  Punong Barangay
Image result for user icon FERNANDEZ, ELENA CABANG Barangay Kagawad
Image result for user icon BOLONIA, FE SULTAN  Barangay Kagawad
Image result for user icon ANTONIO, RODERICK BARIMBAO  Barangay Kagawad
Image result for user icon APAT, EMMELIZA SORDILLA  Barangay Kagawad
Image result for user icon APAO, MELBA CABELOS  Barangay Kagawad
Image result for user icon GICALE, JOSIE BATION  Barangay Kagawad
Image result for user icon DEL SOCCORO, GENEVA APAT  Barangay Kagawad
Image result for user icon BATERNA, ALJUN BOLONIA SK Chairman
Image result for user icon DEL CASTILLO, NIÑA MARIE GRADO  Barangay Secretay
Image result for user icon MANING, PEGGY BARIL  Barangay Treasurer
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