Barangay Pangabuan

Historical profile of Barangay Pangabuan


Originally Barangay Pangabuan was inhabited by the natives called the Subanens. The place was thickly forested and known for its fertile soil suited to various vegetation and crops.  This attracted several migrants from neighboring places and Visayan provinces. The natives of the place started clearing the place by making kaingin in small areas, but moved to other areas as Christians settled near them.

As early as 1904, the family of Avelino Manisan and his wife Epifania Balcita De Manisan of Misamis town, now Ozamis City was the first Christian couple who settled in the place. In the early 20’s, the families of Ruperto Manisan, Bernardino Manisan, Fernando Manisan, Bienvenido Morales, Marcelino Alejandro, Maximo Teogangco, Ceriaco Lompayao, Perfecto Gorre, Jose Panganiban, Pascual Dumanjug, Vicente Saladaga, Regino Nique, Jose Leonardo, Diego del Pozo and many other families from nearby Misamis municipalities settled in Pangabuan.

 In 1909-1912, Tangub had a seat in the municipal council of Misamis town, represented by Diego Del Pozo, a Spanish mestizo from Barangay Pangabuan.  This was  during the term of Isidro Engracia as the municipal president of Misamis.

In mid 20’s more people from Cebu and Bohol migrated to Pangabuan for the place was known for its abundant farm and marine products. The families of Roberto and Crispin Alngohuro, Guillermo and Ignacio Caparoso, Bernardo Maglasang, the families of Antonio Manlangit,  Hospicio Alo,     Matoy Econg,   Damiano Salisid, and   Jose Narido, who were all from Bohol also arrived. Many more from the Visayas came and settled in Pangabuan.

In 1962 to 1938, Matoy Econg a Boholano was designated Teniente Del Barrio of Pangbuan. However, in 1938, shortly before the Second World War broke out, Ruperto Manisan, from the town of Misamis was designated as the second Teniente Del Barrio.  He was followed by Perfecto Gorre from Cebu who was elected first barrio lieutenant in 1956-1963.  Later, more political leaders followed.   

In the early 30’s the family of Hermogenes Malabo from Cebu migrated to Pangabuan.  He brought the image of the Birhen sa kalouy (Virgin of Mercy) which became the barrio’s patroness. Rev. Fr. Treubig,  who was a German, was   the visiting priest.  He was followed by Rev. Fr. Gabriel Font, in 1920-1928, and Rev. Fr. John O’ Connel, an American, in 1928-1940.

Barangay Officials
  Name Position
Image result for user icon ALNGOHURO, NORMA BAYAWA  Punong Barangay
Image result for user icon ABATAYO, FELIX FUENTES SR. Barangay Kagawad
Image result for user icon ROBLE, ALICIA MANISAN  Barangay Kagawad
Image result for user icon ACUNO, MILDRED MANLANGIT  Barangay Kagawad
Image result for user icon CUADRA, NICASIO GALIMBAS  Barangay Kagawad
Image result for user icon MANLANGIT, LENY ENOMAR  Barangay Kagawad
Image result for user icon LUMINGKIT, FRANCISCA BULA  Barangay Kagawad
Image result for user icon RICO, CHERRY MALABO  Barangay Kagawad
Image result for user icon SAPLOT, CHERRY JAY GABISON  SK Chairman
Image result for user icon PEÑAROYA, CANDELARIO ALO  Barangay Secretay
Image result for user icon LUMPAYAO, LEONIDES LIBRADILLA  Barangay Treasurer
Barangay Hall Address Purok 1, Brgy. Pangabuan, Tangub City
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Telephone Number (088) 123 4567
Cellphone Number +63912345678
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