Barangay Prenza

Historical profile of Barangay Prenza

There were several versions of how Prenza got its name and how the barangay was formed. But according to Maximo Canete, one of the oldest men in the barangay, there was no any name when the place was inhabited by Sebuano (Cebu) and Bol-anon (Bohol) in the early days.  In those times, the place was forested with thick trees and various kinds of vegetation.

It was believed that the name of the barangay was coined during Japanese invasion of the country in 1940’s. During these days, the area was already occupied by quite a number of people. According to local historians, in summer of May 1943, a group of Filipinos who were living in the area led by Patrolino “Liloy” Caban went to Malubog River to fence (Pensa) part of the streams using stones so that they can easily catch fishes and lobsters for daily consumption. They did this every summer because the water was low and any fishes were growing. Together with “Liloy” were Ambrosio “Amboy” Caban, Raymundo “Mundo” Maning, Avelino “Menong” Canete, Florencio “Insiong” Mindo, Montano Carbonel, Crispin Carbonel, Pedro Abatayo, Maximo “Imoc” Fernandez, Benito “Bentoy” Fernandez, Isidro “Doro” Cantona, Iniego “Igong” Asoy and Nemisio “Mesio” Fernandez.

While working the fencing or enclosing that part of the river, a small group of Japanese who were patrolling from Bintana to Polao caught and pointed guns at them. Liloy, the team leader, confidently faced and answered the questions asked by the fierce looking soldiers. One question - what was the name of this place?”  the Japanese brusquely asked.  Liloy was scared by how the Japanese asked them.  In his   fear, he answered “Pensa.” He thought that Japanese asked what they were doing in the place. The Japanese uttered the word again and said “Prenza.”  From then on, they call the place “Prenza” every time they had a patrol.

On August 16, 1947, Petronilo, “Liloy” Caban and the people decided to form a small group that will lead or oversee Prenza.    They agreed that the oldest in the community should be the leader, which fall upon Liloy since he was the oldest in the community.  Another purpose of the society was to separate sitio Prenza from Barangay Sta. Cruz to become an independent barrio. In 1957, Liloy was officially replaced by Norberto “Bentong” Gallardo who was originally from Sibunga, Cebu. He was appointed by   Epifanio Flores, then Municipal Mayor of Tangub and named him as the “Teniente Del Barrio” of Prenza by virtue of R.A 2370. He served for eleven years.

In late 1960’s, another leader of the barrio came in the person of Pablo Sacor. During this time, the political boundaries of Prenza were clearly unidentified. Through the effort also of Anecito Siete of Oroquieta City who handled grades 1 to 3 and Andres Angcap of Caniangan for grades 4,5 and 6, classes

Barangay Officials
  Name Position
Image result for user icon GONZALES, AIDA TORRES Punong Barangay
Image result for user icon LIWAGON, FLORAFE FERNANDEZ  Barangay Kagawad
Image result for user icon VEGA, ROSALITA VILLAME  Barangay Kagawad
Image result for user icon SOLATORIO, JERRY NASARA  Barangay Kagawad
Image result for user icon SOLATORIO, MARIO SORIANO  Barangay Kagawad
Image result for user icon ABATAYO, DINDO TRAZONA  Barangay Kagawad
Image result for user icon DANDAN, JOVER YORDAN  Barangay Kagawad
Image result for user icon AGUSTIN, GINA DANDAN  Barangay Kagawad
Image result for user icon MINDO, JC JOHN CURAY  SK Chairman
Image result for user icon SUANER, FIDEL VILLEGAS  Barangay Secretay
Image result for user icon SARSABA, PRECY PEDRITA  Barangay Treasurer
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