Barangay San Vicente

Historical profile of Barangay San Vicente


San Vicente was a forest when settlers from Cebu and Bohol came to the area. San Vicente was once a sitio of Barangay Balatacan, one of the 14 original barrios of the Municipality of Tangub.

The name San Vicente was taken from the name Vicente Candia, the famous man who owned the vast tract of the land in the area.

In 1962, San Vicente was headed by a “Teniente del Barrio” named Lucio Catubig. Because of his able leadership, development came to the sitio.

In 1968 came the important chapter in the life of the barrio. San Vicente ceased to be a sitio of Barangay Balatacan. It formally became abarangay in 1968 through Republic Act 350 under the leadership of Barangay Captain Ignacio Buntag.  This was the time of     Mayor Alfonso D. Tan.  After it became a full ledged barrio, came the rapid development of the barangay especially in the field of infrastructure.  The school building was finally constructed which housed primary education.  Barangay road was also realized.

In 1989, Primitiva Dimpaso replaced Ignacio Buntag as barangay captain because of the latter’s old age. The significant achievements of the barangay under her leadership include the development of a spring as a source of water, shallow well, basketball court and the building of the barangay hall which the residents enjoyed using.

Election was held in the 1994. Barangay Chairman Dimpaso decided not to run for another term and appointed her first councilor Casiano Petiluna to run instead who eventually won. He continued the developments started by his predecessor. Other projects were put up such as barangay office, fencing of the basketball court, extension line of electricity and the installation of an artesian well.

In 1977 barangay elections, Casiano Petiluna failed to retain his position after losing to Teodulfo C. Dimpaso, Jr who served for two consecutive terms. In his six years of office, his administration was able to build a two-storey building barangay office, a day care center, health center, one school building and the barangay road. He was able to establish Botika ng Barangay, reservoir, barangay stage, and four units of concrete purok house and water storage or water catchment (pasongan sa tubig).

In 2007, Teodulfo Dimpaso did not run anymore as barangay chairman, he just supported the candidacy of Ronaldo O. Delos Reyes, who won in the elections. The latter also retained his position and won again in the 2010 barangay elections.





Barangay Officials
  Name Position
Image result for user icon PETILUNA, JACINTO HISULER  Punong Barangay
Image result for user icon MALINAO, JOSEPHINE FERNANDEZ  Barangay Kagawad
Image result for user icon DIMPASO, PORFERIA DIORESCO  Barangay Kagawad
Image result for user icon REDOBLADO, MARIA TEMPERATURA  Barangay Kagawad
Image result for user icon SALINAS, LOURDES BUNTAG  Barangay Kagawad
Image result for user icon HISULER, TITO RATO  Barangay Kagawad
Image result for user icon PETILUNA, DIONESIO TOLELES  Barangay Kagawad
Image result for user icon DIMPASO, IMILDA Barangay Kagawad
Image result for user icon OSTIA, AILYN OBEREZ  SK Chairman
Image result for user icon DELOS REYES, LUCIA BUNTAG  Barangay Secretay
Image result for user icon DUMASIG, ROY EDGAR GECOLE  Barangay Treasurer
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