Tangub City is at the crossroads of change.   Our changing landscape and social interaction will influence the Tangubanon way of life in the coming years.  The completion of Panguil Bay Bridge is expected to bring in people, ideas, investments, and changes that will impact the people’s way of thinking and doing things. However, the city government has put in place measures to manage the growth and the development of the city.                           

                For more than half a century, Tangub has been an idyllic city where people value personal interaction and neighbourliness.  People are willing to extend an extra mile to get many city activities and programs done, hence volunteerism or bayanihan is a prevailing community trait.  Clean and peaceful, the unhurried pace of life is an antidote to the hustle and bustle of frenetic urban living. The city has embraced and nurtured its heritage that embodies our culture.  This is contained in our various culture, arts and heritage programs that give us foundation and identity as a people regardless of influences that may come in the future.

                Our tagline “Simply Home” highlights our strong family values and effort to preserve Tangub’s charm as a place where everyone wants to go home to.  The city calendared quarterly festivals or major activities for wholesome family recreation or entertainment. 

                The first quarter is the Charter Anniversary; the second quarter is Sobremesa Summer Fair.   Dalit Festival highlights the third quarter and the year ends with the Christmas Symbols Festival. In each quarterly festival is a cluster of activities that keep the city on its toes the whole year. 

                 Nature’s bounty is one of the city’s precious resources. We put premium on maintaining a clean and green environment since Tangub is an ecotourism destination. The city has vast land spaces available for housing and investments.

                We have the best of both worlds in Tangub. The Mt. Malindang Range shelters us from the onslaught of storms. Its undulating terrain gives us breath taking view of places beyond the Bay.  The rich mountain soil nourishes  our fruits and vegetables which are more than enough for the city’s consumption.  The placid waters of Panguil Bay provides our table with delectable sea foods.

                The Gardens of the World is a tourism site situated at the foot of Mt. Malindang Range.  It has themed gardens that are replica of gardens around the world, and amenities for cultural and social engagements.

                Come, visit Tangub and be captivated by its old world charm.   Invest in Tangub, we have vast opportunities waiting for you.   Above all these, our most valued resource is our people.


                                                                                                                               City Mayor