Christmas Symbols Festival

The program started from one request of a young bride to put up a lighted Christmas tree at the city plaza. Mayor Philip and Dr. Jenny got married in June 1992.  In December, Tangub City was dark and lonely, so she asked the mayor to put up a lighted Christmas tree at the city plaza. Drawn by the light, the people started coming to the plaza, especially families with children.  The local and national agencies put up symbols at the city plaza, complete with a star, Christmas tree and Belen.   Now Category A, the symbols are put up by   by the local and national agencies.  Category B are arches along the highway and urban barangays   put up by the barangays in these locations.  Category C include the giant parols at the church plaza of St. Michael the Archangel put up by the highland barangays.  In Category D, business establishments spruced up the façade of their buildings.  Category E is the Most Lighted Barangay, while Category F is the Most Lighted House in the Barangay. 
In 2010, the tourists in Region 10 registered a total number of 1,483,525.  Forty five (45.15%) of this was contributed by Misamis Occidental.  Tangub City contributed 31.20% (208,999) to the tourist arrivals of Misamis Occidental, 14.08% to tourist arrivals Region 10.