Dalit Festival

Dalit Festival is celebrated every September 29 in honor of the city’s patron, St. Michael the Archangel.   Dalit means to offer – offering of thanks for the whole year of good health, harvest, and protection. 
On September 29, the usually quiet streets of Tangub vibrate with drum beats, revelry and fun.   Local and invited contingents swayed and twirled in the street parade in the morning.  In the afternoon, the showdown is held at the sports complex. 

Ms. Tangub City Tourism
Held usually on the third week of September, Ms. Tangub City Tourism is a part in the celebration of the city fiesta. The pageant showcases the beauty and talent of young Tangubanon maidens. It instills community awareness and engagement among these young women that make the pageant relevant in our time. The candidates articulate their opinions on issues of the day that espouse their advocacy on the environmental issues of the day. In the process, they learn grace, confidence and candor amidst public scrutiny. The pageant aims to produce empowered and involved women in the affairs of the community.


Street Dancing and Grand Ritual Showdown