Sinanduloy Cultural Troupe

The troupe was organized for the youth to keep them from the lure of drugs or vices.  The troupe is Tangub City’s cultural ambassadors and has performed in various places in the Philippines during important occasions.  The multi awarded group has brought fame and honor to the city, particularly at the Sinulog Festival of Cebu.  The troupe garnered 12 grand prizes for the twenty years it has participated in the Sinulog; seven second Prizes one Third Prizes in the Showdown category, all in the showdown or ritual presentation category.   The troupe’s creative journey for the past twenty-five years of transformed lives and successful pursuits became a testament on the values and discipline that nurtured them.  The dance steps can be learned and taught, but the values that changed the lives of the members can only be caught.   


The Sinanduloy Cultural Troupe (Dancers) was featured during the Dance Xchange on Air of National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA).
The Sinanduloy Cultural Troupe (Dancers) was featured during the Sayaw Pinoy Goes Virtual Presentation initiated by the NCCA-Committee on Dance with Madam Shirley Halili Cruz as the Chairperson. The video also features our Tourism Destinations of our beloved city TANGUB CITY.
“Seasoned dancers, matured movement capability, movement pattern is very clean. A million peso performance, a total package, they have mastered the art of performing on the street.”