Tangub Celebrates Feast of St. Michael the Archangel

Beneath a vibrant sea of colorful banners and the echoes of joyous music, Tangub City has once again geared up for its most-awaited annual celebration—the City Fiesta. This year, the festivities extended beyond the entire month of September, with a series of activities specially organized for all Tangubanons for free. Under the leadership of Mayor Ben Canama, the spirit of "Una ang Ginoo" resonates throughout the city. Much like last year, the celebrations kicked off with a nine-day mass to ensure that each day commences with the guidance and blessings of the Lord.

On September 1st, Civil Service Month kicked off with a parade, followed by the Holy Mass and the opening of the sports festival. The celebration, in honor of the CSC anniversary, lasted until September 19, with the entire duration allocated for an array of thrilling sports activities.

Fast forward to the 20th of September, another highlight of the fiesta celebration was held—DepEd Day. It began with a solemn mass, followed by the Festival of Talents and the Ang Yano: Tangub City Writing Competition. This contest covered creative forms like short Story Writing, Poem Writing Competition, Photo Competition, Essay Writing, and the Bida ang Kabataan: Painting Competition.

On September 21st, Employee's Day was celebrated, giving all government employees a chance to relax and take a break from their daily work routines. In the evening, they had the opportunity to enjoy Employee's Night. During this event, local and national agencies gathered at Tangub City Plaza to partake in a dinner, witness the Tiktok competition, and participate in a raffle draw with exciting prizes, including cash, appliances, and two brand new motorcycles.

Tangub City had a bustling week of celebrations. On September 22nd, ABC Day was a fun time for barangay officials, and they also broke ground for new city buildings. September 23rd was Medical and Health Day, and September 24th was all about Agro, Business, Market, and other sectors. This day had the lively Bangus Festival at People's Market and a Business, Market, and other sectors. This day had the lively Bangus Festival at People's Market and a Business Summit at Tangub City Global College, along with Women and Children's Day. September 25th saw DBM Secretary Pangandaman visit People's Gym, and on September 26th, the city showcased its tourism with "Ang Yanong Tourismo: The Tourism Booth Display" by the City Tourism Office. This day also celebrated the opening of PBC-Tangub City and hosted various competitions, including Tourism Vlogging, Kabataan Night, Hip-Hop Dance, and Asenso Singing Idol, capping off a week of lively festivities.

 Tangub City's monthlong fiesta celebration in September was a whirlwind of events and festivities. On September 22nd was ABC Day, where barangay officials came for a day of enjoyment. The same day was the groundbreaking ceremony for key city infrastructure projects, which include the City Hall, Bus Terminal, Rotonda, and TCGC. On September 23rd, the spotlight shifted to Medical and Health Day, highlighting the city's commitment to bringing healthcare services to Tangubanons. September 24th marked Agro, Business, Market, and Other Sectors Day, featuring the Bangus Festival at People's Market and the Business Summit at Tangub City Global College. This day was also Women's and Children's Day, emphasizing their important role in the community. On September 25th, DBM Secretary Pangandaman visited the People's Gym. September 26th showcased Tangub City's tourism prowess with "Ang Yanong Tourismo: The Tourism Booth Display" by the City Tourism Office; the same day was the inauguration of PBC- Tangub City. The week concluded with spirited competitions, including Tourism Vlogging, Kaba-taan Night, Hip-Hop Dance, and Asenso Singing Idol.

On September 27th, it was Senior Citizens Day, followed by an exciting night with the famous Bisaya Squad and Kitaotao Tribe, alongside the Jam Trip Band. September 28th celebrated Transportation and Religious Day, featuring the 1st Asenso Tangub Motor Show and Hudyaka sa Plaza.

On the feast day, September 29th, a series of activities unfolded. The day started with the Halad Sayaw Pasalamat, followed by Motocross and Boxing events, the Tangub City Unity Mob Dance Presentation, live performances by artists like Geneva Cruz, All Star Band, and Cueshe', and a spectacular fireworks display that lit up the night.

Tangub City's month-long fiesta celebration in September was a resounding success, embodying the spirit of unity and God-centeredness. The different activities and events showcased the city's commitment to progress and its rich cultural heritage. Under the leadership of Mayor Ben Canama, the community came together to celebrate, forging bonds of camaraderie that will endure long after the festivities have ended. As another memorable fiesta drew to a close, Tangub City demonstrated its resilience and dedication to "Una ang Ginoo," setting the stage for a brighter and more prosperous future.  

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