Availing of Artificial Insemination on Large Animals

City Agriculture office provides artificial insemination to Livestock raisers and this is of free charge.

Office or Division: City Agriculture Office / Livestock Division
Classification: Simple
Type of Transaction: G2C – Government to Citizen
Who May Avail: Livestock Raisers

1. Information of the occurrence of the In Heat Time of the Animal Breeding Female Large Animal

The animal raiser must give the specific time of the occurrence of the sign of In Heat Time of the Breeding Female Large Animal

Steps Service Details
1 Client Steps:  Sign the Log Book at the officer of the day counter.    
Agency Action: Assist the client and give the visitors logbook    
Fees to be Paid: None    
Processign Time: 3 Minutes    
Person Responsible: Admin. Division Head at City Agriculture Office
2 Client Steps: Wait for the schedule of insemination    
Agency Action: Technician shall Inseminate the breeding animal as scheduled    
Fees to be Paid: None    
Processign Time: 2 Hours    
Person Responsible: Agriculture Technician I at City Agriculture Office

Total Fees to be Paid:  None
Total Processing Time:  2 Hours, 3 Minutes